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Since 1866

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A. W. Van Winkle & Co. History

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The Settlement in Rutherford

In 1687 Walling Jacobse Van Winkle left his Knickerbocker friends in New Amsterdam and moved to territory now known as Rutherford to found a real estate firm which is still being carried on. "Van Winkles have the indisputable distinction of being the oldest real estate firm in the United States and possibly the oldest in the world."

New York Times, March 7, 1937


On March 26, 1687, according to the first deed for Rutherford property recorded in the county clerk's office in Hackensack, John Berry sold to Waling Jacob Van Winkle the western part of his land lying in the present Borough of Rutherford, and thus Mr. Van Winkle became the first settler. He enlarged an existing structure that had belonged to Captain Berry on a hill just south of the present Union Avenue Bridge at approximately Darwin and Hastings Avenues. The foundation could still be seen in the early nineteen forties.

Jacob (Waling) Van Winkle, first son of Waling Jacob Van Winkle, was born in Acquackanonck, New Jersey on June 13, 1674 and baptized in the local church. Upon his father's death, he inherited the New Barbadoes Neck estate. He would become the first of the famous Van Winkle Realtors, a profession which has become a tradition still practiced by his descendants, nearly three hundred years later."

D. Van Winkle

The "Van Winkle Record," 1913


"Daniel Van Winkle may well be considered the original architect of the town of Rutherford, having mapped it out in a manner which has been basically maintained along the lines of his original design and apportionment. He helped further religion and education through donation of funds and property together with a great deal of personal dedication. His magnificent business acumen led to many successes from which both he and his community benefited. There is no tangible monument specifically designated 'Van Winkle' but the continuity and prominence of the Van Winkle name has been sustained by each generation through their civic and business endeavors, and this, in turn, has established their own 'living monument.'"

Robert MacFadyad.

"The News Leader', January 24, 1974

Daniel Van Winkle built the building that houses the current office in 1866, his son Arthur Ward Van Winkle incorporated the business in 1905 and thus gave it its current name, A. W. Van Winkle & Co. Currently Daniel's great, great grandson, Peter S. Van Winkle, is the Broker of Record.

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